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Wood species

Clear Pine

Like many, you loved its versatility and the unique richness of its grain which brings warmth to your decor. Clear Pine’s popularity originates in large part from its rich and multi-faceted colour chart. Being a porous wood, Clear Pine is often referred to as softwood. Clear Pine will absorb more stain than hardwood, which will accentuate even more its natural colour palette, stemming from a whitish yellow to reddish brown.

Red oak

Combining elegance and rusticity, Red oak offers a warm and formidable allure that will please you. Its open and uneven grain provides a robust appearance that is sure to add the desired rustic touch. The colour of Oak can vary from light pink to reddish brown. Due to its high fibre density, Oak is easy to stain and provides a textured visual effect.

White Oak

White Oak is characterized by its distinctive grain, as well as its exceptional density and strength. Its color ranges from a pale creamy beige to graying brown. It is mainly made of straight threads and open grains with porous areas. White Oak’s versatility easily lends itself to any interior design style, whether classic, transitional, or contemporary.


Maple is a versatile robust hard wood that has a slightly wavy fine close grain. Maple works well with interior design themes ranging from contemporary to rustic. It is commonly used for carpentry products like flooring, cabinetry and furniture. With uniform texture and unique colour tones, the light pale wood can vary in colour from ivory white to light brown.


With its sleek contemporary appearance, Birch wood resembles Maple because of its close grains and wavy streaks even though it is 25% softer than Maple. Easy to stain, this wood specie will provide a range of delicate shades, from creamy white to light brown.

Knotty Pine

Undisputed King of rustic decors, our premium grade Knotty Pine distinguishes itself with sound, tight knots. This wood specie is as porous as Clear Pine and provides the same staining properties. Its natural colour palette ranges from whitish yellow to light brown with occasional dark brown knots that will embellish your unique living space!